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Nattokinase Blend Nattokinase Blend
Crane Wellness Nattokinase Blend $39.99
Nattokinase is a potent and unique blend of natural enzymes derived from fermented soybeans. Nattokinase is renowned for its exceptional ability to support cardiovascular health by promoting healthy blood circulation and aiding in the maintenance of normal blood pressure levels. The unique molecular structure of nattokinase allows it to effectively break down fibrin, a protein that can contribute to blood clots, thereby reducing the risk of clot-related conditions.  We include GABA, garlic extract, moromi vinegar from the longevity island Okinawa, and vitamins to make this even more effective. With its powerful and diverse health benefits, nattokinase is an excellent choice for those seeking a natural and effective approach to cardiovascular wellness and longevity.  This unique and potent blend contains: 6,000FU of Nattokinase 90mg Okinawa Moromi Vinegar 90mg Garlic Extract 30mg GABA 3 Capsule Serving / 30 Day Supply per bottle If you are taking any blood pressure or blood thinner medications, please consult your doctor before consuming this supplement.
Sleep Well Blend Sleep Well Blend
Crane Wellness Sleep Well Blend $29.99
Our unique formula of Glycine, GABA, and L-Theanine has been scientifically tested and found to help promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve the overall quality of sleep. These amino acids can be a natural, non-addictive and effective way to support healthy sleep habits and improve your overall well-being.  The longer you take this GABA supplement formula, the better you feel! This is a non-gmo, melatonin, non habit forming solution for anyone suffering from lack of sleep, insomnia and stress.  Also great for athletes as it promotes muscle recovery. Active Ingredients - MELATONIN FREE: 3,000mg Glycine 100mg GABA 200mg L-Theanine
Probiotic-C Jelly Sticks Probiotic-C Jelly Sticks
Crane Wellness Probiotic-C Jelly Sticks $24.99
These delicious probiotic jelly sticks are loaded with 10 billion heat-sterilized Bifidobacterium as well as 110% of your daily Vitamin C. They're perfect for on-the-go, and have a great flavor that everyone will love, even your children. Plus, they support digestive gut health, help increase metabolism, improve skin and hair, mood and more! We suggest keeping them refrigerated for a firmer texture. 10 Billion Bifidobacterium Longum 100mg Vitamin C Non-Gmo | Plant Based | Gluten Free | Sugar Free 20 Sachets per box
Pure Oceanic Root Iodine Pure Oceanic Root Iodine
Crane Wellness Pure Oceanic Root Iodine $29.99
Kelp is a natural source of Iodine and other rich minerals.  We use the thickest part of the plant, the base known as the "fronds" or root of the plant which is the most nutrient dense part of the plant. The root is the most fibrous containing 20x more nutrients than the leaves.  Our kelp is harvested in regenerative ocean farms off the coast of Hokkaido, Japan and is done seasonally to protect the natural ecosystem of the ocean and naturally allow for regrowth. Kelp has been shown to aid in regulating thyroid function, may help prevent cardiovascular disease, may help aid in digestive health. Iodine: 1500MCG Magnesium: 4MG Fucoidan: 29MG If you are taking any thyroid medications, please consult your doctor before consuming this supplement.