Crane Wellness

Crane has a rich family owned legacy spanning five decades. A deep-rooted history and
expertise blending ancient medicine & philosophy with modern science to create products that
instill trust and reliability. An intrinsic understanding and heartfelt care of both people & culture
ensures that every product embodies the very soul of Japan's time-honored traditions.

Meticulous ingredient sourcing and pioneering R&D, ensuring all products are non-GMO, gluten
free, and organic when possible. Ingredients are diligently curated to taste good so there’s no
compromise on flavor. Ethically sourced regenerative options, like kelp, and exclusively unique
ingredients from Japan—such as Okinawan moromi vinegar, kelp root from Northern Japan's
coast, and Japanese green tea leaves - Patented or trademarked ingredients like Numedic Herbal
Medicine (Coix seed), Garlic Extract (Rikinin™), and Fine GABA - proprietary blends such as Fine
Aging Care Berry Mix, further amplify the commitment to high quality sourcing.

A broad portfolio of high quality products made in Japan specifically designed to
enhance longevity and promote a healthy lifespan. Nattokinase, Crane’s signature
product, is a time honored ingredient that has been around for thousands of years.
All products boast dietary supplement GMP certifications, backed by in-depth
science, surpassing industry standards in the US market. All ingredients and final
products undergo rigorous testing. A commitment to sustainability extends to
packaging, which is 100% recyclable and uses plant-based inks.

Crane is one of the only supplement brands that oversees every step in the
manufacturing process from research to inspection, ensuring superior quality,
traceability and a more tailored experience for consumers. Immaculate, efficient
facilities embody the precision associated with Japanese standards.