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Zen Energy Green Tea & Coffee Zen Energy Green Tea & Coffee
Crane Wellness Zen Energy Green Tea & Coffee $29.99
Our Green Tea and Coffee blend is the perfect clean energy produced from our proprietary blend of Japanese green tea extract and cold brewed coffee and has a great taste that isn't as bitter as most coffees. The individual powder sachets, making it easy to enjoy hot or cold, and tastes great with or without any sweetener or creamer you may decide to add. Plus, our unique formula provides more health benefits with catechins, chlorogenic acid and caffeine. The non-GMO coffee from Indonesia contained in this product is instantly frozen and ground at a temperature of -320 Degrees Fahrenheit in order to retain its original rich scent and flavor.  Active Ingredients: 53mg Caffeine 180mg Catechin 30mg Chlorogenic Acid 30 sachets per box